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So, we're Krypto Labs and we started out as a little stream in the Norwegian mountains back in 2021. You know, during that whole pandemic thing.
Anyway, this guy Ølmheim was supposed to do a DJ gig, but it fell through.
So, he just started streaming about crypto to Norway's biggest crypto community instead. And he did so for every day (almost) untill he started doing it three times a week instead.

Fast forward a few months and this other dude, Lindseth, finally convinced Ken-Erik that they'd reach a bigger audience on YouTube than on a closed Facebook group. And, boy, did the channel take off!


Then, in the autumn, we had the chance to host the Cardano Summit in Lillestrøm.

But we didn't stop there.

We brought on two new team members - Bea and Even.

Bea promised to bank us (not like, a real bank, but straight up norwegian BANK) unless we hosted an event for ladies in crypto. So, we said yes, and so we did. And it was a huge success!! 

Even joined the team too.

He's half human, half Tiger-city trading bot.


Spring 2022 was the first time anyone saw KRYPTO LABS on the stream. Same people, same "professional content", but a new message:

we are not afraid to try new things and have some fun with crypto. Plus, we want to show that economics doesn't have to be all stuffy and serious.

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